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The Scotsman Advantage

Scotsman Jewelers is unique because of the way we buy diamonds and how we operate. By keeping our cost of operations low, there is no need for us to pass any unnecessary costs onto the consumer. Many companies pay diamond buyers to travel, or even live, overseas. They spend millions of dollars on advertising. At Scotsman Jewelers, we have set up an intricate network and solid partnerships that allow diamonds to come to us. This enables Scotsman to buy diamonds without all the added costs others must endure. We pass these saving on to you.

In addition to our diamond network and partnerships, we are one of the only companies that actively buy and sell diamonds both on the open market and with the public. Since the diamond buyers at Scotsman Jewelers are located at our facility, we are consistently able to purchase diamonds from estates, diamond brokers and also wholesalers.

Diamond Buying Tips
  • 1. Buy from someone who has earned your trust.
  • 2. Shop around to compare quality and price.
  • 3. Ask for a long buyback period and get it in writing. Avoid policies that only offer store credit as a refund.
  • 4. Avoid purchases based on an appraisal done by someone who has an interest in the sale or from some unknown company.
  • 5. Set a sound budget and stick to it. Decide how much you to spend and strive to find the best value for that amount.
  • 6. Get a second opinion from a professional if you are not sure about the diamond you are purchasing.
  • How to Select the Right Diamond Ring for Her

    Diamonds. A powerful way for one person to show their love for another. A statement that lasts forever. A story that is repeated for a lifetime.


    For many, it is the most significant purchase of their life. These are the reasons you deserve to be 100% satisfied, and at Scotsman Jewelers, we are committed to your satisfaction. Selecting the right diamond ring is not just about knowing the clarity, cut, color and carat weight of a diamond.


    Selecting the right diamond involves a careful examination of not only the physical characteristics of the diamond itself, but also a careful assessment and knowledge of the person who is going to be receiving the diamond. You must know their feelings and desires when it comes to diamond jewelry.

    1. Pay attention when she admires someone else's jewelry.

    2. Notice the advertisements or photographs she admires.

    3. Don't forget to ask her friends and family what she likes.

    4. Take time to notice the other jewelry she wears. Does she prefer simple designs or does she like more unique pieces?

    5. Browse with her at a dependable jeweler.

    6. Note the metal she normally wears- white gold (silver color), yellow gold or platinum.

    7. Learn as much as you can about diamonds so you know you are capable of making an educated purchase.

    8. Find her ring size. See suggestions below.

    9. Surprise her with the engagement ring that goes beyond all of her expectations.


    Finding her ring size: If she is in the habit of leaving her jewelry lying around, make an impression of one. A bar of soap, a piece of clay or even a slice of bread can be used. You can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper which can help a jeweler determine a roundabout size that will be sure to fit when she receives the ring. Ask a friend of hers to get the information. It is not uncommon for friends to try on rings together and to find out a size. Just be sure to choose a friend who can keep a secret! The best option is to bring one of her rings to the jeweler to be measured. Offer to take her jewelry to be cleaned and have the jeweler measure the ring at the same time. Remember what finger she wears the ring on though!

    On the House Services

    1. Jewelry Inspection
    2. Jewelry Cleaning
    3. Ring sizing with purchase
    4. Appraisal of purchased item
    5. Gift Wrapping
    6. Verbal appraisals on all jewelry

    Other Services

    1. Jewelry repair: Ring Sizing, Soldering, Polishing, Re-tipping of prongs, Clasp Repairs and much more
    2. Watch battery replacement $5
    3. Watch repair- sent out
    4. Jewelry Appraisal - click for a sample
    5. Jewelry Engraving- sent out
    6. Pearl Re-Stringing- sent out
    7. Gift Cards
    8. Shipping

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